As a key partner of Support Cambridgeshire (Hunts Forum & Cambridge Council of Voluntary Service), we wanted to let you know that today is the day Volunteer Cambs is formally launched to the general public across Cambridgeshire. I’m from Keystone, and we’re working on behalf of Support Cambridgeshire to engage with the public as part of the formal launch, with a campaign theme designed to inspire local people to ‘mark their mark’.


What is Volunteer Cambs?

would-be volunteers can explore opportunities tailored to them – searching by location or by topics that match their skill set and interests. For a specific cause that may be close to their heart, the type of activity they may be interested in, or even by the time they have available. Organisations and groups load up their opportunities and profiles directly so there’s always something new for volunteers to look at every time they visit the site. And the good causes who are promoting their work benefit by having a continuous stream of potential volunteers.


We really need your help:

We’re reaching out to you as someone who could potentially help us let your local community know about the amazing work Volunteer Cambs has done in launching new volunteering opportunities across Cambridgeshire. This great initiative will only work if we can encourage prospective volunteers to sign up. We know their contribution really matters locally and this project allows them to join a community that values their skills and energy, addressing real needs with every act of kindness. And that’s why we need you too.