Nicholas Swallow and Other Charities… Caring for Whittlesford people since the 15th Century.

Brief history

The combined charities of Whittlesford came into being in 1911 as a result of applications made to the Charity Commission by the Trustees of three existing charities. The Town Lands, Scutches Charity and Lettice Martin Charity.
Syprion (Cipern or Cyprian) Lands which comprised 60 acres of arable land and 6½ roods of pasture is understood to have been founded in 1451 but the benefactor whose name it bears died in 1390 so it had probably been in being some years before it was formalised.
Swallow’s Lands were left in a will dated 8thNovember 1557. His wish was to “Distribute and bestow the yearly rent and revenues thereof coming of the same lands to the poor people in Whittlesford where most need is.”
Little is known of Scutches Charity except that it was founded before 1837 and was the result of a gift by John Thabye in his will approved in 1617. There was a rent charge on a cottage and 2 acres of land thought to have been located at the entrance to Scutch’s Farm and the charge was redeemed in 1970.

Today, the Nicholas Swallow Charity owns 3 newly built houses known as Yule Cottages in Beech Tree Lane, 11 bungalows at Swallow Croft in Vicarage Lane and 37 acres of arable land at Stonefield, off Hill Farm Road. It also holds a small portfolio of investments on the Stock Exchange.

How can the Charity help me to find housing in Whittlesford?

The Charity owns 11 Bungalows at Swallow Croft and 3 cottages in Beech Tree Lane, off West End. These are let to tenants who are unable to afford the cost of buying local housing. Rents are well below market levels.

The Charity keeps a list of applicants for future vacancies. Applications are considered only from people living in Whittlesford or in houses that formed the Officers quarters at Duxford Airfield (which are in the Parish of Whittlesford).

All applicants are asked to complete a simple form and will be required to show a strong connection with the village before they can be put on the list. The form is available from The Clerk who also has details of the Selection Process.

When properties are available to let, they will be advertised before the Trustees meet to select the most suitable tenant(s) on the basis of greatest need at that time.
Most of the properties have central heating, modern kitchens and bathrooms and vary in size between one and three bedrooms.

How often do the Trustees meet?

The Trustees normally meet four times a year to consider in strictest confidence cases where help can be provided.

How can I help the Charity?

Please contact the Clerk if you are interested in becoming a Trustee or would like to help the Charity in some practical way.

Chairman:-​ David Toop
Vice Chairman: – Annabel Blake
Other Trustees:  Tim Teversham, Robert Cassels, Martyn Postle, Karen Wright, Kay Molloy, Annie Appleyard, Elaine Carter, Lionel Ginsberg and Paul Eccleston.

Clerk ​​- Johnny Goodman

Address : 56 The Lane, Hauxton  Cambridge  CB22 5HP

Telephone : (01223) 873195 / 07770 624 769

Email :