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Date Changes to Bin Collection

Please be aware of some date changes to the bin collections for Whittlesford.

Monday 18th December – Blue & Green Bin

Wednesday 27th December – Black Bin

Wednesday 3rd January – Blue Bin Only !

Tuesday 9th January – Black Bin

The Recycling Centre at Thriplow is open daily from 8am – 4pm

However it will close at 1pm on Christmas Eve and re open on Wednesday 27th December at 8am.


Agri Tech Park Proposed for Hinxton

All villages and parish councils have been granted an extension to this application until 26th January, and Whittlesford Parish Council will be holding a public meeting regarding this application on Thursday 4th January at 7.30pm at the Memorial Hall.
Please do come along !

Massive Agri-tech Planning Application. As is highlighted under latest planning news on the Scambs.gov.ukweb site, “ Local people are being encouraged to have their say on plans for a new ‘AgriTech’ park near Hinxton” which will also have enormous impact on Duxford, Whittlesford and surrounding villages and especially all users of or accessing the A505. According to the recently-submitted planning application, the primary aim of the new facility would be to develop technologies which help farmers and the food chain improve their performance. Their proposal seekspermission for a new bespoke technology park containing up to 112,000 square metres of employment space, and the planning application states it will create up to 4,000 new jobs. The planned development is just over three times the size of nearby Babraham Research Park, which will be 33,000 square metres of employment space once a recently approved extension has been built.The Hinxton Agritech development is proposed on land to the east of the A1301, south of the A505 near Hinxton and west of the A1301, north of the A505 near Whittlesford and Duxford. To give some idea of its location and extent, this includes a large field at the Whittlesford/Pampisford corner of the A505 ‘Sawston roundabout’ and from the view of the motorist travelling from the roundabout’s diagonally opposite corner, (the Pampisford / Hinxton boundary) towards Saffron Walden and A14, A11 and M11 links, the site extends across all the land on the left hand side of that road, all the way to the vicinity of Hinxton village and to the extensive Genome Campus on the right hand side. South Cambridgeshire District Council has now launched a six week public consultation into SmithsonHill Limited’s plans –- deadline 4 January 2018 – this has now been extended to the 26th January.

Neighbourhood Plan for Whittlesford

Where are we at with the Neighbourhood Plan ?

The Neighbourhood plan website will give you all the information you require

Imperial War Musuem’s Decision to End Free Passes to Neighbouring Villages.

End of IWM Neighbours of Duxford Scheme If you live in Duxford, Heathfield, Fowlmere, Ickleton, Pampisford, Whittlesford, Hinxton and Thriplow up until yesterday you could visit the IWM Duxford for free on any day other than an airshow day or special event through the Neighbours of Duxford scheme. From now on when your Neighbours card expires you’ll have to pay £10 per person per year to enjoy the same privilege. Originally the Neighbours of Duxford scheme was instigated as an acknowledgment of the inconveniences we have to suffer as a result of the proximity of the airfield. For example difficulty getting in and out of the villages on air show days, having your peace and privacy disturbed by over flying aircraft, etc, etc. John Brown (Executive Director Commercial Services and Operations at IWM Duxford) claims this decision has been taken due to lack of funding and has told the chairman of Duxford Parish Council that ‘he hasn’t had many complaints’. Many will say this is because residents are not yet aware of the IWM’s decision to charge.  How have they notified local residents ? If you feel as many do about this, and that this £10 charge is an insult to the neighbours who have quietly accepted that we live next to a working museum and have supported them whenever a threat to their very existence has arisen, you might like to tell Mr Brown what you think of his idea by writing to him at contact@ iwm.org.

Update on the 7A Bus Route & Timetable

Please find attached three potential timetables to revise the current 7A route. These are still drafts at present and are open to change based on feedback received. In order to maintain the costs within the current expenditure they broadly cover similar hours and days of operation as the present service, but each operate in a different way with varying pros and cons outlined below. All of the options have some things in common, however. They all propose a new stop somewhere in the vicinity of the Imperial War Museum, although this exact location is still to be agreed. They also all operate both ways through Whittlesford and they remove the station east stop. At present the timetable proposes using the stop on Duxford Road near the junction with Station Road West. It may be possible to turn the bus closer to the station, but it is only once the bus gets down there that it will know whether it is possible to turn. If it can’t this will cause delays and disruption to the timetable, which the changes are hoping to alleviate.

In terms of differences, the Sawston timetable separates out the Hinxton and the Whittlesford journeys. This means that residents from Hinxton don’t have to travel via Whittlesford to get to Sawston and residents from Whittlesford don’t have to travel back via Hinxton, which may make it more attractive. This does mean that users will need to change bus at some point in Sawston.

The Trumpington timetable operates to Trumpington Park and Ride and keeps the current arrangement regarding Hinxton and Whittlesford. It does remove the loop in Sawston via Link Road and also removes the section in Stapleford along Mingle Lane. This is so that the service avoids, and doesn’t get delayed by, the level crossing on Station Road before returning to the A1301. The timetable isn’t regular as there need to be driver breaks included. The timetable could be reduced to every two hours, but this would give a lot of dead time on the service and the balance is between better utilisation of the vehicle versus a regular headway. The main potential issue with this service is the view of Stagecoach and whether they see this as competing with sections of their Citi7. Legally we have to be very careful not to compete and impact on the viability of commercial services such as the Citi7. I haven’t consulted with them yet as I am waiting for a steer from the group on the preferred option, but I will need to at some point.

In view of the potential issue of competition against the Citi& the third option attached is to continue to operate via Mingle Lane as present but instead of operating to the Babraham Road Park and Ride site to use Addenbrookes as the destination/interchange point. This option will also include the removal of the loop in Sawston.

I would be grateful for any feedback, and in particular any preferences for the options attached, including any further combinations or changes. I would be grateful for any feedback by the 12th January 2018 and thank you in advance for your assistance.


Total Attachments: 3

Download: 7A Addenbrookes (16 KB) Download: 7A Sawston Timetable (16 KB) Download: 7A Trumpington (16 KB)