Whittlesford Footpaths

The official footpaths recorded by Cambridgeshire County Council for the parish of Whittlesford are as follow:


Footpath 1 – From North Road (Black Iron Gates) along The Baulks to the Parish Cemetery and turning left to Sawston. From the church the path becomes a permissive cycleway. The map also shows a permissive cycleway through the churchyard. All this cycleway forms part of National Cycleway 11, which passes through Whittlesford.It becomes Sawston Footpath 15.

Footpath 2 – From Whittlesford Mill at the bottom of Mill Lane heading towards Sawston. The stretch of footpath begins just beyond the Hamilton Kerr Institute up to the river at the white metal bridge. The bridge and river define the boundary between Whittlesford and Sawston. Once you step off the white bridge and head towards the railway crossing you are now in the parish of Sawston (despite still being this side of the railway and by-pass. This now becomes Sawston Footpath 9.

Footpath 3 – From Swallow Croft & Vicarage Lane along the Croat (next to the Millennium Wood). The path brings you alongside Spinney Cottage at Whippletree.

Footpath 4 – From North Road next to Rayner’s Farm where you also enter the Millennium Wood to join with Footpath 3.

Footpath 5 – From Middlemoor footbridge (Next to Middlemoor Cottage) through the allotments to Newton Road.

Footpath 6 – From Newton Road (alongside Spinney Hill Farm) to Whippletree opposite the end of West End.

Footpath 7 – From Hill Farm Road towards Thriplow. A bridleway used by farm traffic. This becomes the Thriplow Drift, Thriplow path 4.

Footpath 8 – From Parsonage corner to Royston Road (Chuck-a-Bush Farm).

Footpath 9 – From Church Lane (opposite Lawn Cottage) brings you back to the Parish Cemetery on the Baulks re-joining with Footpath 1.


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map of footpaths