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Ride-Out and Service Remembrance on Sunday 19th April.

posted 14 Apr 2015, 16:22 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 14 Apr 2015, 16:24 ]



Ride-Out and Service of Remembrance on Sunday 19th April2015,

to honour Pte Andrews, 1st Bn. The Cambridgeshire Regiment


09:00Riders Branch members arrive at McDonalds Whittlesford Service Stn on A505 (52° 6'13.83"N 0°10'35.83"E)
09:55Riders Branch members depart McDonalds
10:00Riders Branch members arrive at Whittlesford Parkway rail stationCB22 4NL (52° 6'14.48"N.  0° 9'55.68"E)
10:15Riders Branch members depart Whittlesford Parkway rail station
10:30Riders Branch members arrive at WhittlesfordChurch, Church Lane (52° 6'55.18"N. 0° 9'5.56"E)
10:30Attendees to assembly at Whittlesford Church, Church Lane
10:40All attendees proceed to the Church, led by Stephen Taylor and Standards

Act of Remembrance
10:45Introduction, by Stephen Taylor 

ReadingRegimental Collect Read by Mr Martin Boswell

PrayerRead by Stephen Taylor

Reading of namesA brief history of Pte Andrewsread by Mrs Karen Wright

CommitmentRead by whole ‘Cambs 876 Remembered’ Committee 

PrayerRead by Stephen Taylor


National Anthem

Verse 1.
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
God save the Queen 

Verse 2.
O Lord our God arise
Scatter her enemies 
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all 

Retire to Graveside


Parade brought to attentionCivilian gentlemen should remove headdress

Last PostBugler will sound Last Post

The exhortation Read by Mr Nick Simms (Riders Branch)

The ResponseWe will remember them”

11:00 The silenceParade will remain silent for 2 minutes

11:02 ReveilleBugler sounds: "Reveille"
after which the parade is stood at ease. Civilians may replace headdress

Placing of wreath(s) and poppy cross

Mr Jason Cook (Riders Branch) will place the Cambs 876 Remembered poppy cross
Other tributes from VIP’S and attendees are invited

VIPs depart the Cemetery.   Parade dismissed and attendees disperse.   All are invited to retire to Church for light refreshments and a display of the Riders Branch Cambs 876 Remembered project.

Whittlewomen Celebrate their 40th Anniversary !

posted 2 Mar 2015, 07:30 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 07:38 ]

The TICKELL ARMS, the iconic Whittlesford landmark, and recently remodelled historic pub and restaurant in the heart of the village, was the magnificent setting for the fortieth anniversary celebration dinner of Whittlewomen .

Thirty current Whittlewomen members gathered there on the 'Third Tuesday' evening of the month, which for 40 years has been established as 'Whittlewomen night'! They were joined by Suzanne O'Callaghan - the founder Chairman, in the ideal venue of the restored and extended new Conservatory – which forty years – even four years ago - would have been far too cold and draughty for such an event at this time of year, even though the smart, warm replacement has kept much of the unique charm of the original and it's all-round views in daylight of the gardens and large ornamental pond!

And what a splendid Ruby Anniversary Celebration it was! Needless to say there was much "excited chatter" amongst members, one of the ancient definitions of the verb 'to whittle' which had been uncovered in a press report of the group's inauguration – and another meaning given then for the word 'whittle' as "to ply with drink, inebriate' might even have been slightly half right, as toasts obviously had to be given to Whittlewomen and its continued success! In fact the meaning and derivation of Whittlewomen, which still holds good today is – exactly as the name suggests simply Women who live in Whittlesford!

The current co-Chairs, Penny Toop and Judy Richardson and their committee had devised a perfect occasion – and fitting follow-on to the excellent last meeting featuring renowned Whittlesford photographer (and Whittlewoman) Frances Dumbleton on the actual anniversary date (as reported in Whittlesford news January)

On this occasion another witty and interesting, short speech, by Suzanne O'Callaghan, proposing the Toast, recalled the origins when she had moved from miles away the autumn before, into this new village – with a 9-week-old baby, and not knowing a soul! She discovered there were others in a similar situations and at a meeting in the December, Whittlewomen was conceived and remains - an association of women independent of any wider organisation or political and sectarian bias, for those born and bred in the village as well as new-comers. The aim was to promote village friendship and activity within the community, working from an informal monthly get-together in members' homes where there was no age barrier, and mothers at home all day with children – and older women – could get out for a little company - while it would be a chance for working wives and single career girls to make friends locally and bring in a bit of fresh air from the outside world!

Suzanne recalled this from a press 'write-up' of the tenth anniversary celebration – including a photograph of the original five founders – another one of whom, Pat (Grigg) Butler was also present this evening. Indeed, it seemed many of those present had pretty long associations with the group – and there was much happy reminiscence - usually that it seemed impossible for so much time to have passed so quickly!

Penny Toop had warmly and briefly welcomed everyone to the evening and to those who'd not met Suzanne, who had moved away some fifteen years before. An impromptu vote of thanks which everyone thoroughly endorsed, was given by Kitty Arnold to Penny and Judy and all involved in such a successful evening.

Particular thanks went to committee member Annie Appleyard who had the daunting task of organising bookings beforehand and ensuring that everyone remembered and got their choice from half a dozen each of different starters, main courses and deserts - dizzying permutations which Tickell staff delivered faultlessly, with their own birthday contribution of coffees afterwards!

Nicholas Swallow and Other Charities

posted 2 Mar 2015, 07:12 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 07:12 ]

New Trustee sought

to serve on

Nicholas Swallow and Other Charities

Whittlesford Parish Council seek applications to become a Feoffee (Trustee) of the above Charity.

The original Charity is thought to have been founded around 1450.

The Charity currently owns 14 properties within the village (11 at Swallow Croft and 3 in Beech Tree Lane), which are let to people with a strong local connection. It also deals with cases of genuine need within the village on a strictly confidential basis.

The 11 Feoffees normally meet on four evenings a year, but occasionally there are special meetings (for example when a property comes available to rent). The initial appointment is for a term of four years.

Further details can be obtained by talking to the current Chairman David Toop Tel 01223 835252, email: or to
the Clerk, Nicholas Tufton Tel 01763 848888, email:


Roy Warnes, Clerk of Whittlesford Parish Council

6 Maynards, Whittlesford CB22 4PN


Anyone remember or know the name Flora Herron ?

posted 20 Feb 2015, 08:43 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 20 Feb 2015, 08:53 ]

Dear Whittle Web 

I wonder if you can help 

About 50 years ago I copied something from a national ‘rag’ (Maybe Titbits or Reveille which were around at the time) - the reason I contact you is that a grieving mother who lived in Whittlesford wrote a very moving poem about the death of her 19 year old son in an accident (I seem to think it was motor cycle accident).  I wondered if anyone knows the family and whether they were aware of this touching poem published nationally which (although I didn’t know the family still brings  a lump to my throat) - 

At the time I lived in the North of England and had never heard of Whittlesford - I now live in Cambridge near Huntingdon.

I came across the poem whilst going through some stuff today and wondered if you knew of a family called Herron - considering David would now have been about 70 years old had he lived he may have had siblings, cousins etc who have families of their own and with so many people doing Family History searches.

best wishes

Beryl Stewart


posted 20 Feb 2015, 08:35 by Whittlesford Web Master


We have no firmly authenticated information –even their names –for13 of the 100 men listed: 
Pte J Bowers;  Pte R Chapman; Pte H Cutter; Pt H Darley; Pte G Gifford;    Pte H Mills;  Pte E Nunn; Corp. F Nunn; Pte
 E Pettitt;  Pte J Pilsworth;  AB A Powell (RN)or Pte F Smith. 

We now know that Masters has the initial A.  He was found on the Cricket Club players list for 1920 so if anyone has the Club records that far back please do get in touch.

We are missing service records or military Information about another dozen named men - (though research is in hand re navy and air force):

Lt F Andrews;  Pte Arthur GORDON Barnes;   Pte Timothy Cann;  L.Corp Wilfred Deller;  Pte John/Jack Frost;  Pte Stephen Hagger;   Pte Samuel Nunn;  AB A Powell (RN);  Pte George Rolph;  Pte Alexander Teversham;  Pte Sidney Redvers Wallis;  and Pte Edgar White.

Please contact Karen at


posted 7 Feb 2015, 19:40 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Feb 2015, 19:40 ]

The eagerly anticipated 4th Summer Ball will take place on The Lawn on Saturday 4th July at 7pm.
The Summer Ball will have Champagne Reception, 3 course menu, live band and is a black tie event.
We are keen to hear from anyone who is interested in sponsoring the event, or who would like to donate a raffle prize.
This years proceeds will go to the new playground equipment at William Westley School, the Whittlesford Warriors football club and our local branch of Macmillan.
Tickets are now on sale at £70 per person (tables of 10) and predicted to sell out fast. If you would like an order form or for more information, please contact :
Helen Cordan -  or  Annabel Blake on (01223) 836953.

Whittlesford Men who fought in World War One.

posted 7 Feb 2015, 19:27 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Feb 2015, 19:27 ]


If you can help with any of the following, however small, please contact :
Karen Wright on (01223) 833036

We have no firm information - or even full names - for twelve of the 100 men listed only as :
Pte J Bowers
Pte R Chapman
Pte H Cutter
Pte H Darley
Pte G Gifford
Pte H Mills
Pte E Numm
Corp F Nunn
Pte E Pettitt
Pte J Pilswoth
AB A Powell (RN)
Pte F Smith
and even at the end of 1919, no-one knew the rank and initials of the man :
??? Masters.

Also we are missing military service information about another dozen named men :
Lt Fred Andrews
Pte Arthur Gordon Barnes
Pte Timothy Cann
L.Corp Wilfred Deller
Pte John / Jack Frost
Pte Stephen Hagger
Pte Samuel Nunn
AB A Powell (RN)
Pte George Rolph
Pte Alexander Teversham
AM Percy Vale (Airforce)
Pte Sidney Redvers Wallis
Pte Edgar White.

It is worth saying that we don't have high expectations about readers having detailed service information or documents, medals, photos, or uniform badges, if they haven't already let us know (unless family contacts over Christmas awoke any memories).

It would still be most helpful to have a note of people who's consider themselves village born & bred or with Whittlesford connections going back say 3 generations, or who know names/details for anyone else like that who no longer live here, so that we could share and consult them about various points our researchers have found.
Perhaps some might be interested in coming along to an informal Nostalgia Session over a cup of tea/coffee to chat about childhood memories or about what their grandparents or older village people use to say about life when they were young - and discuss old photographs.

We're also interested in whereabouts in the village different families have lived over the decades and, in those days long before postcodes and house numbering, where certain addresses given as so-and-so's yard, Close or Row actually were - or even just to confirm houses referred to by names that seem to have been lost or changed over the years (or which have since fallen, burnt or been knocked down).

Please do get in touch !
Karen Wright -
Meg Holland -
Or you can pop a note through the door at Meg's at 3 High Street (next to whittle shop) if you are able to help in any way.

Thank you !

The Whittlesford Society - 1975 - 2015 - 40th Anniversary Year.

posted 7 Feb 2015, 18:40 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Feb 2015, 18:40 ]

The Whittlesford Society - 1975 - 2015 - 40th Anniversary Year - All about Whittlesford - Past. Present and Future.

When the Whittlesford Society was launched in autumn, 1975, one of their priorities was to involve and integrate the recent great influx of newcomers into the village and at the time to ensure that they captured and shared the wealth of local knowledge, social history and heritage from Old Whittlesford.
A major national anniversary - the 25th anniversary of the Queen's accession - was the perfect reason for the Society to research and publish what was to be the first of several short books - Whittlesford Recalled, the still compelling account of the previous 100 years history, built round the life span of the oldest village resident Jane Elizabeth Douglas, (nee Nunn), who would be 100 years old on 19th July 1977.
The old village families and passionate born & bred locals 9(not the least, her son, the remarkable Harry Douglas), dug out photos and memories to complement professional expertise and enthusiasm of newcomers like historians and archaeologists, Chris Taylor plus (confusingly)  his non related namesake and next door neighbour, and Tony Carter (almost a native having settles here some 15 years earlier and serving on the Parish Council and researchers and writers who'd chosen to come to love here.
There are so many other echoes in today's Whit Soc project to mark the centenary of the Great War - 100 being significant as the number of men defined as having left to fight and Mrs Douglas was one of the two War Widows, both with fascinating stories and families, epitomising those left behind and history of life in Whittlesford just before, during and after the war and the survivor's return to a world changed by the experience.
Again , a trio steering the project need input and ideas from the village now however long or short their time here - and again there was a variety of spin-off interests and benefits to derive, just as interest groups like Gardening Club or WADS had their origins in Whit Soc.
You can read more in the latest issue of Whither Whittlesford, an unbroken traditional of a journal started as a quarterly newsletter immediately after the inaugural Whit Soc meeting, and all 116 copies and much more is accessible today - by going to


posted 7 Feb 2015, 18:11 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Feb 2015, 18:11 ]

Saffron Screen, the very popular and successful community cinema, is running a series of pop-up screenings in village halls over the next few months, so make a note in your diary : at 8pm on Friday 6th March, in the Whittlesford Memorial Hall.
They will be showing A Most Wanted Man, based on the John Le Carre novel and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman in his film role.
Tickets will be available soon at just £5 each from the Whittle Shop or from the Saffron Screen website : (see also for more details about the film).
We hope to see you there for what promises to be a very entertaining evening.

Martin Livermore on behalf of the Whittlesford Millennium Group.


posted 7 Feb 2015, 17:54 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Feb 2015, 17:55 ]

Many local groups will once again benefit from this year's event, which will be held on Sunday 10th May 2015.
The 30th anniversary event will benefit many truly local charities and organisations and underlines the role the local community plays in supporting the event and our commitment to it.
With so many local organisations benefitting and the backing of Sawston Village College, The Cambridge Building Society and many other local businesses, we're hopeful that many local people will run or walk to local beneficiaries.
Early registration is recommended to ensure everyone has time to raise their own sponsorship funds for such good local causes.
Offers of help would be much appreciated and advertising and promotional opportunities exist for those businesses who want to be supportive and involved.
For further information :
Tony Collett, Marketing & PR Officer - Tel: (01223) 893447

Ian Chamberlain, Chairman - Tel : (01223) 872243

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