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Proposed Burial Site for Newton Road.

posted 20 Oct 2014 13:30 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 20 Oct 2014 13:30 ]

The Parish Council has received a planning application for the conversion of land at Spinney Hill Farm to a cemetery. This is bounded by Newton Road to the north and the M11 to the west. Access would be from Newton Road. This application will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting, which Whittlesford residents are invited to attend.

The proposed planning application is for the demolition of existing dwelling house and outbuildings at Spinney Hill Farm, Newton Road. Change of use from dwelling and agricultural small holding to a burial ground, erection of a remembrance  hall with car parking and hard surfacing.

The full planning application can be viewed online at under the planning ref number S/1842/14/FL

The Parish Council has secured an extension for the decision date until after its next meeting, which will be held on Tuesday 18th November, to ensure that all parishioners can express their views on this application.
The meeting will take place at the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm. Everyone Welcome !

Whilst the Parish Council awaits some new signage and road markings of the 30mph speed limit, we continue to work with highways to improve the safety of the Newton Road bend. Any such application .. as this one which will obviously increase the traffic on Newton Road will be taken very seriously.

The Whittlesford One Hundred

posted 20 Oct 2014 13:02 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 20 Oct 2014 13:35 ]

Roll of Honour

Tower of London

The names of the 15 men from Whittlesford who were killed in World War 1 will be on the list of names to be read from the moat, at the Tower of London, in the midst of the field of poppies, on

Monday 27th October 2014 at 4.55pm (dusk). The last post will be played at the end of the reading of 180 names.

Changes to bin collections

posted 7 Oct 2014 15:01 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Oct 2014 15:01 ]

Here is an update on district council's refuse collections that may be of use

Bin collections - some changes
The most important thing is that while the day of the bin collection isnt changing, bins may be collected at DIFFERENT TIMES to those that people are used to - ie later in the day or earlier in the morning, so it is important to put the bin out the night before, and not to take it in and think it has been forgotten. We are talking afternoon collections here, whereas most people have been used to a morning collection. The reconfigured routes are to make things more efficient.

Second, the bin lorries are fitted with CCTV cameras, and the reason is to provide a record of any disputes - which can get pretty irate - or where someone says "I put my bin out and you didnt empty it". So it is possible to resolve any arguments. 

Thirdly, as previously announced, in the three winter months, the green bin will be collected once a month rathern than every two weeks, after leaf fall. This is because there is basically nothing much to go in the green bins at that time of year.

Finally - and this is still to be finally decided - the collection services between Xmas and New Year will be assessed and there may be a longer gap between collections. 

Please see the council website for more information ..... 

Wildlife Conference

posted 7 Oct 2014 14:07 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Oct 2014 14:07 ]

I'm organising the British Trust for Ornithology's local Garden Wildlife Conference which will be taking place at Whittlesford Memorial Hall on Saturday 8th November.

Clare Simm
Garden BirdWatch Development Officer

Make your garden count all year round through BTO Garden BirdWatch:

Follow us on Twitter @BTO_GBW and Facebook

British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU. Tel. 01842-750050

Memoir of 1960's Whittlesford Women's Group

posted 7 Oct 2014 13:43 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 7 Oct 2014 15:14 ]

I was so interested to read the article about Whittlewomen.  My mother Edna Horsfield and her friends, Joan Teversham, Joan Molloy, Phyllis Arnold, Sheila Tofts, Amy Hughes and many other mums originally formed a Whittlesford women's group which was called the Whittlesford Playground Society way back in the 1960's.  The aim was to raise funds to provide play equipment for the newly acquired Recreation Ground on Duxford Road (prior to this the Rec was a field along The Croak).  Over some years our mothers worked tirelessly to raise money by holding coffee mornings, bazaars, jumble sales, raffles, fêtes and goodness knows what else until sufficient funds were raised to purchase some swings, a rocking boat, a slide and a round-a-bout from Wicksteed Park.  We children were not let off lightly, if we wanted the play equipment we had to help earn the money to buy it.  Our job was to plague the life out of village residents until they gave jumble, bric-a-brac, bought raffle tickets or tickets for entertainment events held at the Memorial Hall. The Dads, all being at work during the week, came into their own on event days, shifting and hauling trestle tables, moving things from A to B, most often manually, not many villagers had cars in those days, and generally carrying out all the heavy work needed.


Once the playground equipment had been purchased the fundraising could not stop, it had to be maintained so the Mums carried on for quite a few years.  I'm not sure whether the Parish Council eventually adopted the playground equipment because eventually the Playground Society was wound up, the original members children having grown up and become teenagers and I guess there was no new blood coming through to keep things going.


What is now the playing fields on Duxford Road , was in my early childhood a meadow full of cows, no wonder the grass on the cricket pitch grew so green.  I don't know how the meadow became the Rec but it did and the cricket pitch, football pitch, tennis courts and play equipment were thoroughly enjoyed by all.  The old school in School Lane had no sports fields and every Friday we were taken to the Rec to play shinty in the winter and do minor athletics in the summer.


So all of you that currently enjoy The Rec, remember how it all started, it never hurts to explore the roots of your community and there are huge amount of us Whittlesford kids still around who have stories to tell of Whittlesford before the M11, before Church Close, before The Lawns, before Maynards, before Swallow Croft, before the Ascham House developments and when there were four pubs, a separate post office, six different shops, and a choir of so many that it was a squeeze every Sunday to fit us all into the choir stalls at St Mary and St Andrew.


Hope you find this interesting.


Kind regards


Charlotte Shinners (née Horsfield)

The Whittlesford One Hundred

posted 11 Aug 2014 14:26 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 11 Aug 2014 14:37 ]


Whittlesford Society, to commemorate World War 1, are trying to discover more about the 100 men who went to war from the village.

The following were listed in 1919 as being the one hundred men, but only their initials were given on a menu at a dinner given for them at the beginning of 1920. We have added first names to all the men we have so far identified. Sadly, those in italics did not return and are honoured on our War Memorial*

Do you recognise any of these names or can you fill in the initials? Better still, if you believe they were related to you or you know members of their families PLEASE TELL US especially if you happen to have a family tree or could jot down any dates or details of their families. You might even know the Regiment they served in.

Email or telephone 01223 833063.

Pte Percy Walter Allen (killed)

Pte A Andrews M.M. Tpr B Andrews
Lt Fred Andrews
Pte George Andrews Cpl Harold Andrews L-Cpl H Andrews

Pte Reginald Rupert Andrews (died) Pte Stanley Charles Andrews (killed) Pte Thomas Andrews (killed)
Pte W Andrews

Pte A Arnold
Pte C Arnold
Pte Dennis Arnold
2nd-Lt Eric Arnold
Pte? Philip Arnold
Pte Ronald Maurice Arnold Pte Gordon Barnes
Pte Harry or Horace Barnes 2
nd-Lt John William Barnes Pte Oscar Barnes
Pte J Bowers
Dvr James Cann
Pte John Cann
Pte Timothy Cann
Tpr Frederick John Chapman Tpr Henry James Chapman 

Pte R Chapman

Pte Bertie Cracknell?
Dvr Charles Creek
Pte David Creek
Pte James Creek (killed)
Sgt P Coleman
Pte Robert Coxall
Pte H Cutter
Pte H Darley
L-Cpl Wilfred Deller
Sgt Albert Douglas (killed)
Pte Harry Douglas
Pte Fred Drury
Sgt Edward Everett (killed)
Pte J Frost
Pte F Fuller
Pte G Gifford
Pte Harry Hagger
Pte Stephen Hagger
A-Cpl Reginald James Haylock (killed) Pte Donald Kefford
Rfn Robert Knights
Major Christian F C Letts
? ? Master
OS Mortimer Merry RN
Pte H Mills
Sgt A Murrell
Cpl A F Nunn
Pte E Nunn
Pte Edward Nunn (killed)
Cpl F Nunn
Stkr Frederick Nunn RN (killed)
Pte Joseph Nunn
Rfn S Nunn
Pte S Nunn
Pte W Nunn

Pte W A Nunn

Pte Percy Edward Overhill (killed)

Pte H Parnell
Pte E Pettitt
Pte J Pilsworth
AB A Powell RN
Sgt E W Rowlinson
Pte William Rowlinson (killed) Pte George Rolph

Pte Sidney Rolph
Cpl A Runham
Pte George Runham
Pte Henry Runham (killed) Pte J Runham

Pte Reginald James Runham (killed) Pte W Runham
Cpl Albert Saunders
AB Henry Philip Saunders RN

Pte Jethro Harold Saunders Pte F Smith
Pte Henry John Smith
L-Cpl Charles Speed (killed) Pte Hubert Smoothey

Pte Oliver Smoothey
Pte Alexander Teversham L-Cpl Stephen Bertie Tofts? Capt Joseph Avory Tickell Cpl Arthur Twinn
Pte A Turner
AM Percy Vale RAF
Sgt Hubert Wallis
Cpl John (Jack) Wallis
Pte Sidney Redvers Wallis Pte Walter Wallis
Pte Edgar White
Pte S Wilson
AB Cecil Winders RN

Brief details about those on the War Memorial were published in Spring 2005 in Whither Whittlesford No. 100 copies available via above contact details or read them on the website: (under Publications). 


posted 10 Jun 2014 08:14 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 10 Jun 2014 09:35 ]

Just after the Whit Soc AGM, Karen Wright suggested that we might undertake a project such as the one in the Northants village where her grandfathers had lived and gone to fight and where one is commemorated on the War Memorial.

Within the many Whittlesford Society publications over the years, there has been all sorts of material referring to various aspects of this period in the village. It was when assembling this for a follow up discussion that the staggering fact struck home - ONE HUNDRED Whittlesford men actually left the village to fight in 1914 - 1918.

We have the names and previously researched brief details about the fifteen men listed on the War Memorial who lost their lives. But what about the other EIGHTY FIVE  who returned ?  Who were they and what happened to them before and after ?  What of the tremendous impact it must have had on the compact and close knit little village community that it was then !

So the idea crystallised for a project based around them : 

It was opportune and appropriate that it was at the parish meeting and in the very hall, established in memory of those who served in 1914-18 - that we mooted this project and asked for the interest and involvement of the whole village in it.

We are appealing for photographs, letters, documents, medals or any kind of memorabilia of the period, especially from those whose families lived in the village then, many of whom still bear their families names. Can they also give any clues about where local residents at the time and their kin may have moved on to, any other contacts, who may have similar material - and family memories and legends about those who went to war and about what it was like for those who had to carry on at home.

It's not just those with long Whittlesford associations whom we need to be involved. There's masses to do in planning various elements of the project and gathering the facts about those one hundred men - from all sorts of sources like the census, parish, military and other records and directories - and the more who share in the work, the more quickly it will progress and the more other material and useful leads will be thrown up.
Researching and seeking information about people who were NOT part of Whitlesford's story will also be valuable because the entire Whittlesford output - and individual local contributions can all be linked in the massive, computer based Eight Million Lives project being co-ordinated nationally by the IWM.

Anyone interested ...... Please make contact with us, individually or on behalf of village bodies with records going back that far. We hope to arrange a meeting in July to peruse ideas further.

Email  ...

News from Whitsers

posted 4 May 2014 14:20 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 4 May 2014 14:21 ]

Ofsted Report 2014

“a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere where children are happy and supported and receive a solid foundation upon which to build their future learning.”

“children feel happy and secure... and display the characteristics of effective learners developing creativity and critical thinking.”

“provides all children with exciting and challenging activities that support their good development in all areas of learning.”

“all children make good progress and gain a wide range of skills to prepare them well for school.”

Dear Parents

We’re delighted to share with you that following its recent inspection on 10 February, Ofsted has confirmed that Whitsers is a good early years provision.

We urge you to read the report in full, available to view (alongside previous reports) at . Just go to ‘Find an inspection report’, enter 221767 in the URN field and you will be taken to the relevant pages.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank all the staff for their devotion and dedication to making Whitsers the safe, happy and stimulating place it is for our children. Added to this goes a sincere thank you to parents and carers for their help and support with things such as fundraising and the Parent Rota. Whitsers is a parent-run playgroup, and without your contribution it cannot continue to thrive.

Do speak to Jacqui or Jo (Committee Chair/Co-Chair) if you have any questions about the inspection, or if you would like to find out more about how Whitsers works. We are always grateful for new ideas and fresh input!

Whitsers Committee

Whittlesford News Online

posted 3 Feb 2014 09:42 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 3 Feb 2014 09:42 ]

Whittlesford News follows up some of the 'stories' in LOOK and publicises coming events every week in the (free) Cambridge News website edition, and every week there is a hopefully relevant and appealing photograph to represent Whittlesford.

The news stays 'live' on the website for a couple of weeks and so can be a good way for family or friends who no longer live in the village to keep in touch at a click of the mouse without having to buy the whole paper or get cuttings sent to them.

Anyone who would like coming events and fundraisers publicised and reported - or to offer their photos of the village for possible publication can contact Meg Holland at or ring (01223) 833386

Whittlesford Neighbourhood Plan

posted 3 Feb 2014 09:31 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 3 Feb 2014 09:31 ]

Whittlesford Parish Council would like to gauge the opinion of the parishioners regarding the development and adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan, which would give all residents and particularly the Parish Council a greater say in how the village develops in the future.

Back in 2005 .... The Whittlesford Parish Plan was published. The findings in the plan were obtained from the analysis of a very detailed questionnaire which every household in the village had the opportunity to complete. The 2005 plan had no legal status and has had no influence on subsequent applications over the intervening years.

The present questionnaire is much more limited in its scope, covering only housing and transport issues. If the results show these issues are of sufficient concern, the Parish Council will then start the process of drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan, which is likely to take several years.

If a Neighbourhood Plan is produced and is approved by a properly conducted village referendum, it will automatically be adopted and lodged at SCDC. Such a plan would allow the community to extend the development possibilities in the village but in a way which is preferred by the majority of parishioners. It should also make it more difficult for new developments to be imposed against the wishes of both residents and the Parish Council.

Whittlesford is classified as a Group Village by the SCDC and as such has a very limited development potential. Between now and 2031 there are only two 'open market' plots available for development within the existing built-up village framework. All the land surrounding the village framework is within Cambridge Green Belt and as such cannot be built on. Without some limited growth the village will doubtless slowly lose even its present meagre amenities and become poorer by result.

The nature and extent for future growth is acceptable to the community can be defined in a Neighbourhood Plan developed by the Parish Council in full consultation with Whittlesford residents. If approved in a Referendum, it will have significant legal status and will provide very clear guidelines to the SCDC planners on what the village and in turn the Parish Council is willing to accept with regard to further development.
Speculative planning applications for non-designated land will almost certainly be rejected out of hand.

The Questionnaire which will be circulated to every house in the village in the near future seeks to obtain the views of parishioners on housing requirements, development and transport issues with a view to the drawing up of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Ken Winterbottom.

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