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Whittlesford Cricket Club

posted 1 Apr 2014 13:41 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 2 Apr 2014 08:49 ]


Presented by Whittlesford Cricket Club

Cash and other prizes

Saturday 27th June at 7pm !

Whittlesford Memorial Hall

Teams of 6 - £45
Ploughman's Supper Included
Tickets from - Rob Cassels Tel : (01223) 830863
Peter Snow Tel : (01223) 834329
Roger Walkley Tel : (01223) 835791

Ceilidh Barn Dance

posted 19 Mar 2014 05:02 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 19 Mar 2014 05:11 ]


William Westley Primary School
Mill Lane

Saturday 29th March 2014
7.30pm - 11pm

Cheese or Pate Ploughman's Supper included in entrance fee
Licensed Bar Available

Tickets £12.50 Adults / £7 Children and can be purchased from :

The Whittle Shop
Bev Arnold - 835555
Kay Dean - 07816 361733
more information please contact Kay

All proceeds are going to Annie and Alisa to help raise funds for their forthcoming trip to Peru with Camps international to carry out essential charitable works.

Whittlesford News Online

posted 3 Feb 2014 09:42 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 3 Feb 2014 09:42 ]

Whittlesford News follows up some of the 'stories' in LOOK and publicises coming events every week in the (free) Cambridge News website edition, and every week there is a hopefully relevant and appealing photograph to represent Whittlesford.

The news stays 'live' on the website for a couple of weeks and so can be a good way for family or friends who no longer live in the village to keep in touch at a click of the mouse without having to buy the whole paper or get cuttings sent to them.

Anyone who would like coming events and fundraisers publicised and reported - or to offer their photos of the village for possible publication can contact Meg Holland at or ring (01223) 833386

Whittlesford Neighbourhood Plan

posted 3 Feb 2014 09:31 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 3 Feb 2014 09:31 ]

Whittlesford Parish Council would like to gauge the opinion of the parishioners regarding the development and adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan, which would give all residents and particularly the Parish Council a greater say in how the village develops in the future.

Back in 2005 .... The Whittlesford Parish Plan was published. The findings in the plan were obtained from the analysis of a very detailed questionnaire which every household in the village had the opportunity to complete. The 2005 plan had no legal status and has had no influence on subsequent applications over the intervening years.

The present questionnaire is much more limited in its scope, covering only housing and transport issues. If the results show these issues are of sufficient concern, the Parish Council will then start the process of drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan, which is likely to take several years.

If a Neighbourhood Plan is produced and is approved by a properly conducted village referendum, it will automatically be adopted and lodged at SCDC. Such a plan would allow the community to extend the development possibilities in the village but in a way which is preferred by the majority of parishioners. It should also make it more difficult for new developments to be imposed against the wishes of both residents and the Parish Council.

Whittlesford is classified as a Group Village by the SCDC and as such has a very limited development potential. Between now and 2031 there are only two 'open market' plots available for development within the existing built-up village framework. All the land surrounding the village framework is within Cambridge Green Belt and as such cannot be built on. Without some limited growth the village will doubtless slowly lose even its present meagre amenities and become poorer by result.

The nature and extent for future growth is acceptable to the community can be defined in a Neighbourhood Plan developed by the Parish Council in full consultation with Whittlesford residents. If approved in a Referendum, it will have significant legal status and will provide very clear guidelines to the SCDC planners on what the village and in turn the Parish Council is willing to accept with regard to further development.
Speculative planning applications for non-designated land will almost certainly be rejected out of hand.

The Questionnaire which will be circulated to every house in the village in the near future seeks to obtain the views of parishioners on housing requirements, development and transport issues with a view to the drawing up of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Ken Winterbottom.

Whitsers - Nearly New Sale !

posted 13 Jan 2014 15:23 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 13 Jan 2014 15:23 ]

Whitsers Pre-School Playgroup is holding its third Nearly New Sale at William Westley School on Saturday 1st February 2014, between 10am - 12 noon.
Good condition baby, children's and maternity clothes as well as equipment, books and toys will be on sale, with 70% of proceeds going to the seller and 30% retained by Whitsers. If you would like to sell any items at this popular event. please contact Jacqui on 07549 624 381 or email for more information.

Happy Christmas from the Parish Council !

posted 16 Dec 2013 11:43 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 16 Dec 2013 11:48 ]

The Whittlesford Parish Council would like to wish all of its Parishioners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
Next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 14th January 2014.
In the meantime should you need to get in touch with the parish council .....
please contact either :
Ian Skellern - Parish Clerk -
Arthur Greaves - Chairman -
Marie Swann - Vice Chairman -
Peter Topping - District & County Councillor -

An Evening of Beer & Carols ... at the Bees in the Wall !

posted 16 Dec 2013 10:58 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 13 Jan 2014 15:21 ]

Back by popular demand ..... and in the absence of a vicar !
We bring you yet another December delight of beer & carols.
This Wednesday 18th December - 7.30 pm !
The Bees in the Wall
36 North Road
Mulled Wine, Mince Pies, log fire, beer and your favourite Christmas carol !
Please do come along and support this event.

In the Absence of a Vicar !

posted 16 Dec 2013 10:37 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 16 Dec 2013 10:37 ]

In the absence of a parish vicar, here are some important contact details for the two churches.
Annie Appleyard - (01223) 830200 - for pastoral or church building matters.
Jill Taylor - (01223) 830461 - Churchwarden, baptisms and funerals.
Ian Hinton - (01223) 832838 - lifts to and from the church, weddings and church room bookings !
URC Secretary - Miss Joan Woodley - (01223) - 833152.
Peasgood & Skeates - Independent Family Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons.
45 Moorfield Road
(01223) 833463
24 hour Family Careline
Private Chapel of Rest
Home arrangements available

Conifer brings Christmas to the Parish Church

posted 16 Dec 2013 10:25 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 16 Dec 2013 10:26 ]

A Conifer ..... previously planted in the cemetery that has been draining all the rose bushes of much needed water, has been dug up and donated by the parish council to the parish church to use as a Christmas tree.

News from E- Coppers !

posted 16 Dec 2013 09:49 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 16 Dec 2013 09:58 ]

E - Coppers has almost become a familiar friend, its a source of information of what crime is happening in our area, what to look out for and what to do. Sadly this time of year brings increased crime and below you will see what has been happening locally over the last week or so ....
If you would like to receive regular reports from e coppers, then you can sign up using the following link. All you need is an email address and a crime report will be emailed to you to keep you vigilant and aware of what is going on around us.
Chris Wiseman (Police , PCSO, Sawston)

Hello ecoppers.
Here is your update of what’s been happening in the neighbourhood over the past week or so

A burglary was reported, New Road, Sawston. This occurred between Saturday 30th December 10.00am and Sunday 1st December 12.30pm. Offender(s) have gained access to the property by jemmying a rear ground floor window into the living room. An untidy search of the premises was carried out.

An attempted burglary was reported, London Road, Sawston. This occurred on Wednesday 4th December between 9.00am and 11.35am. Offender(s) have entered the rear garden of the property and smashed the rear double glazed windows, in an attempt to gain entry.

A burglary was reported, Granta Road, Sawston. This occurred on Thursday 5th December between 2.30pm and 4.50pm. Offender(s) have entered the rear garden of the property through an insecure passageway to a neighbouring property. They smashed the rear glass windows to the patio doors. Offender(s) were disturbed by a witness and left the scene.
A theft was reported from a retail outlet, High Street, Sawston. This occurred on Thursday 5th December at around 7.40pm. Offender entered store and selected some alcohol, chocolates and kitchen ware and concealed them in a bag. They then left the store without paying.
A burglary was reported, St Johns Street, Duxford. Offender(s) have made several attempts to enter the property by using an unknown tool to try forcing wooden French doors leading into the kitchen. They were unsuccessful due to deadlocks at the top and bottom. They eventually gained entry via another set of doors, but nothing appears to have been taken.  
A theft was reported, Station Road, Whittlesford. This occurred on Sunday 1st December between 12.00 noon and 2.45pm. A Christmas wreath has been stolen from the business front door. The wreath was attached with two nails and wire.
A burglary was reported, Woollards Lane, Great Shelford. This occurred between Thursday 28th November 5.00pm and Friday 29th November 7.00am. The offender(s) have entered the compound to the construction site, and have then gained entry to the part constructed building through an open ground floor window. Once inside they have then selected an assortment of tools and power tools belonging to a building contractor.
Two burglaries were reported at neighbouring properties, Church Street, Little Shelford. This occurred on Friday 6th December between 10.00am and 1.00pm. Offender(s) have gained access to the property by walking through an open garden at the location and going to the rear wooden framed patio doors. Force was used to pull open the doors to gain entry. Offender(s) also forced open an internal adjoining door to the neighbouring property. An untidy search was carried out in both properties.
A burglary was reported, Mortlock Gardens, Abington. This occurred between Sunday 1st December 3.00pm and Monday 2nd December 10.30am. Offender(s) have smashed a rear double-glazed door to gain entry. An untidy search of the property was carried out.
As always please remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to the Police on 101, or 999 in an emergency.
Our next surgery will be at the parish council offices in Link Road Sawston at 9.30am until 10.30am.
Well, it’s that time of year again and there are lots of things to look forward to obviously. However, forget that for just a couple of minutes because I am going to remind you of the not so “Ho, Ho, Ho” and more of the No,No,No!
Christmas is a busy time for everyone, including “Billy Burglar”. However, a high percentage of crime is opportunist in nature. This year we a seeking your assistance in preventing this type of crime. Don’t let “Billy” enjoy Christmas at your expense this year.
  • When you go shopping keep presents out of sight in your car. If they can be seen they can be stolen.
  • Park in a well-lit area or an attended car park.
  • At home try to keep presents out of sight too.
  • Consider disposing of gift packaging carefully as this will advertise you have new goods inside.
  • Be careful if you share the fact that you have been Christmas shopping on social network sites.
  • As always, if you are going out to the Christmas party in the evening, leave a light on and/or other means of making it look as if someone is at home.
It always makes us feel a little sad that we have to remind you of this stuff, but the reality is that there are those who are quite happy to accept you involuntarily paying for their Christmas.
Take care and stay safe

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