Section 106 Arts & Heritage Projects

Arts & Heritage Projects

The Parish Council has money available for Public Arts Projects and is asking for submissions from residents. We would like to support a range of Arts projects with awards of up to £ 2,000 per project. Projects should be of Community Value or Heritage Value to the community and all submissions should include an element of art with input from local people.


Eligible projects can be:

Permanent physical works such as sculptures, plaques, landmarks, artist designed street furniture. Works must be durable and of good quality construction. Please bear in mind that some works might require planning permission.

Temporary works such as exhibitions, documentary works, street theatre, arts and music festivals, film.

Interior fine art works, sculpture, or craft work for public spaces.


Submissions for projects must include:

A detailed description of the proposed project outlining what’s involved and how it would be carried out, including photographs/ good quality drawings/mock-ups of the proposed project. For exterior works a proposed site.

A project should not be for a mass-produced object nor reproduction of an original artwork.


Details of who will lead the project and take responsibility to see it to completion including on-going maintenance if applicable.

A detailed and accurate budget for the project and the amount requested.

A proposed timescale for project completion.


Submissions should be sent to the Parish Clerk

The Parish Council will assess the projects for suitability before publishing the proposals and asking residents to vote on which projects they prefer. Winning proposals will be informed and given the grants when this process is complete, which we envisage to be January/February 2024.

Please email your proposed application to the parish clerk at: