Proposed Traffic Calming Measures on Hill Farm Road


Proposed Traffic Calming Measures on Hill Farm Road


Dear Resident,


Each year the Parish Council is able to bid for funding for a new local highways initiative in the Parish. This year the Parish Council has requested new traffic calming measures on Hill Farm Road because of concerns that have been raised by residents about speeding cars


Cambridgeshire County Council is responsible for roads in the village but the Parish Council is able ask the County for new traffic schemes on a cost share basis.


The Council Highways Department has carried out a survey of Hill Farm Road and has recommended new traffic calming measures for the road outside of the houses as you enter the village (the current 40mph zone). The Highways Department has recommended:


  1. Reducing the speed limit on Hill Farm Road to 30mph in the current 40mph zone.
  2. A new 40mph ‘buffer zone’ further up Hill Farm Road.
  3. Installing two sets of speed cushions along Hill Farm Road in the new 30mph zone.
  4. A new streetlight on Hill Farm Road (necessary for the installation of speed cushions).
  5. Installing ‘dragons teeth’ road markings in the run up to the 30/40 mph zone
  6. Install a gateway feature on the western (field) side of the road as you enter the village.


The Parish Council intends make a bid to the County Council for new traffic calming measures on Hill Farm Road and would like to hear the views of residents on the measures proposed (see above). Some residents have suggested that they would prefer ‘speed bumps’ to ‘speed cushions’. The County Council has a good website explaining the advantages and disadvantages of speed bumps/cushions:


The County Council has the final say over the traffic calming measures that can be installed on roads, but the Parish Council will do its best to reflect the views of local residents.


If you would like to comment on the proposed scheme, you can do so by contacting the Parish Clerk on or before 2nd February 2020 by email at   or by post to Parish Clerk, 7 Newton Road, Whittlesford.


Whittlesford Parish Council.