Letter from Granta Processors – Working during the COVID-19 Crisis



Granta Processors Ltd – working during the COVID-19 crisis

Open letter to the Residents of Whittlesford.

Dear All

We have had some comments from residents in relation to the continued operation of our factory and the extended hours that we are doing at the moment, we would like to clarify the situation for the local people.

At present our entire production is foodstuffs for this country’s own consumption. There is an urgent need for UK based companies like ourselves to increase our output volumes to ensure a continued supply of food for the nation. We are an essential industry and a critical part of the national effort to defeat the coronavirus.

At our factory in Mill Lane we produce over 400 tonnes of differing products every week which is sufficient to feed some 32,500 people.

Many of our staff have expressed the concern that by continuing to work they are putting themselves at a higher risk than would be so if they remained at home, but they see the need for the food chain to be maintained and so continue to travel to work and keep the machinery running at, in some cases, considerably unsociable hours. Obviously machinery cannot be operated remotely, persons have to be present on site.

We appreciate that the extra hours can cause some disruption and nuisance, but we hope that residents will be sympathetic with the need to feed the nation at this critical time.

Yours Sincerely

Geoffrey Marsh