Many of our pictures here are courtesy of the archive collection from the ‘Whittlesford Society’

Bar Lane Cottages. (which stand on the right hand side as you enter Newton Road).

This photo you can just see the houses on the left in Newton Road,  so it dates in the 1930’s

Are these the houses that Jack built ? (Mrs Jack Maynard) photographed here in 1934 outside Brook cottages built by ? Maynard in 1859, and stand on Middlemoor Rd.

Newly built houses on Newton Road in 1930.

These picturesque cottages stand in North Road, and were used in filming of the Nightcomers.The Nightcomers was filmed in 1971 and starred Marlon Brando and Stephanie Beacham and Thora Hird.

Then a much narrow lane – became Whippletree Road.

Nunns Cottage – West End.

Corner of Orchard Terrace, not many of the original cottages still stand today.

Similar to photograph above, corner of Orchard Terrace.

This is where the High Street ends and West End Begins – 1959.

North Road Cottages (opposite the Tickell Arms)

Cottages on Duxford Road.

Cromwell Cottage (right) High Street. Cromwell Cottage use to be the Three Horseshoes.

Facing Tudor cottage in West End.

Shires – West End.

This Cottage in West End was lost in a fire.

Rayners Farm – at the junction of North Rd / Middlemoor Rd, possibly now referred to as the triangle.

Duxford Road / The lawn.

The Guildhall and Cottages – North Road.

The Old Bakery in North Road.

Reeds Cottage that stands in West End.

Marking’s Farm

Middlemoor Cottage.

Lawn Cottage.

4 Shelford Road – Built by Eric Arnold in 1922.

Chuck A Bush

The Grove. (once the family home of William Westley)

Oak Tree Cottage in West End.

The Old Blacksmith.

Nunns Cottage.

Ascham House – Built in 1873 by Robert Maynard.

Demolished in 1971 by Butler Brothers.

The Old Vicarage – North Road.

North Road.

Tudor Cottage – West End.

Orchard Terrace.

Newton Road

Poppy & Hollyhock Cottages – West End.

West End.

Charity Farm – West End.