Whittlesford Social Club began life in 1866 as the Whittlesford Working Men’s Institute and no alcoholic drinks were provided.
Sadly the Institute was demolished in 1921 after a dispute between Maynard’s and the men of the village, who on returning from the Great War wanted the Institute Licensed.

In 1922 the British Legion Club was opened and boasted a bar, snooker tables and a dart board, much like it is today.
The Working men of the village at last had the meeting place they wanted. A Place where the community could come together.

Over time the club became known as Whittlesford Social Club and the name was formally changed and remains the same to this day. There has been a club for the residents of Whittlesford now for around 145 years.

The Club is a facility for all residents of the village and the surrounding area and continues to grow as people realise what an asset to the community it.

Whittlesford Social Club

16 High Street
CB22 4LT

Telephone (01223) 832231