Whittlesford’s Footpaths – By Tim Stone

Whittlesford’s Footpaths

A recent flurry of Facebook posts on the Whittlesford Information page suggests that many people are unaware of where to find our village footpaths. The number of people using the Sawston footpath (Footpath 1) during lockdown demonstrates our love of fresh air. Our footpaths do tend to be well used and as ever with community resources this is a case of ‘use them so that we don’t lose them’.

It might be helpful to remind Look readers about our footpaths.  The official ones, recorded by Cambridgeshire County Council, are marked on the centrefold map.  They are:


  1. From North Road along The Baulks turning left to Sawston. From the church the path becomes a permissive cycleway.  The map also shows a permissive cycleway through the churchyard.  All this cycleway forms part of National Cycleway 11, which passes through Whittlesford.  It becomes Sawston Footpath 15
  2. From Whittlesford Mill (the Hamilton Kerr) towards Sawston. It becomes Sawston Footpath 9.
  3. From Vicarage Lane to Whippletree along the Croat and next to the Millennium Wood.
  4. From North Road next to Rayner’s Farm to join with Footpath 3.
  5. From Middlemoor through the allotments to Newton Road.
  6. From Whippletree opposite the end of West End to Spinney Hill Farm on Newton Road.
  7. From Hill Farm Road towards Thriplow. A bridleway used by farm traffic. This becomes the Thriplow Drift, Thriplow path 4.
  8. From Parsonage corner to Royston Road (Chuck-a-Bush Farm).
  9. From Church Lane to the Baulks joining with Footpath 1.


Many people will know of other places to walk but they are not recorded by the County Council.  Then, of course, we have The Lawn, the Newton Road playground, and the open space on the corner of Middlemoor and Newton Road.  Plenty of room to get some fresh air.  A good place to live.


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map of footpaths Download: map of footpaths (1 MB)

map of footpaths

Saying good bye to a long standing Whittlesford resident.

It is with great sadness that I am writing this article but feel this is the nice way to reach out to anyone who may have known my father or waved to him whilst he sat watching the world go by from his house on Duxford Road.

The current COVID restrictions meant that we were only able to hold a private family ceremony for my father at the Cam Valley Crematorium with the service led by The Reverend Olivia Coles the village vicar. Huge thank you to her for a wonderful service.

Historically I would have posted this notification in the local papers however as these seem to becoming a thing of the past, I was not sure it would reach those who knew my father. Social media and the internet to communicate through is the modern way, however not something my father was comfortable with though, due to the fear he would press the wrong buttons and end up buying things he didn’t want. He much preferred jumping in his car to visit the shops to browse and buy things that he could touch and feel. Even in his 93rd Year, only suppressed by the lockdown restrictions.

Leslie Willmott was a local lad originally from Haslingfield, however has lived in the village since getting married at the Parish Church in 1952. He worked most of his life in Duxford at Ciba Geigy as a laboratory technician until he retired aged 63.

He liked nothing more than looking out over the Lawn’s watching the Cricket where I played for many years, the football and the children playing or on their way to school. He recalled when the Lawns were just open fields and some of the trees just small saplings. He supported the local shop and post office as much as he could as many of you do today. He whizzed round on his scooter in the last couple of years. The pavements will be safe again as he did like seeing how fast or far it could go.

He had a long and full life blessed with good health through most of his 93 years, until he succumbed to a second bout of cancer. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Arthur Rank Community team that helped my father and the family in the last couple of months, and to the Hilton Park Nursing home in Bottisham that cared for my father in his final weeks.

If anyone would like to leave a message in memory of my father or a donation to our chosen charity of the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity (who are an entirely voluntary organisation) please send to C/O Peasgood & Skeates, 44 Moorfield Road, Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4PP or visit Leslie’s personal ‘In Memory Page’ at www.peasgoodandskeates.co.uk.

On behalf of the Willmott family – Chris Willmott