Changes to Thriplow Recycling Centre

From Monday 22nd June, all visitors must book a time slot to enter the Thriplow household recycling centre.

For further details please see website:


Appeal decision for change of use from a dwelling house and former agricultural land to a nature reserve and burial ground at Spinney Hill Farm at Newton Road

Section 106 Arts & Heritage



You may all remember when Welch’s Transport moved into their new premises the Parish Council were given some Section 106 money to spend on art related projects in the village. At the time we were embarking on our Neighbourhood Plan so put the art project on hold.

We are now in a position to launch the Art Project; therefore, we are asking organisations, clubs and residents etc to give us your ideas what you would like to see. The only stipulation is whatever the art form is it must be available for the village at all times and must be a permanent fixture. Please let us have your idea with a sketch if possible and a rough cost. The closing date is the 31st July, please send your ideas to either or

We would rather have several small art projects to give everyone a chance rather than use the money on one large project.

Arthur Greaves

Chairman of the Parish Council

June’s edition of LOOK