Nicholas Swallow & Other Charities

Nicholas Swallow and Other Charities
Provision of financial and other help to those in need in the parish of Whittlesford
If you have been affected financially or otherwise by
Coronavirus, we may be able to help you.
For further details and a confidential discussion,
please contact
David Toop  (Chairman)
Tel 07470 683271 or email: ">
or Johnny Goodman (Clerk) Tel 07770 624769 or email: ">

All applicants must have a strong connection with the village of Whittlesford.

Green Bin Update

  • Residents in Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire are being asked to put their green bins out on their normal days from Monday 4 May as part of a phased reintroduction of garden waste collections.
  • Households would usually have two green bin collections between 4 and 30 May, but due to the impact of national social distancing measures, only one collection will be guaranteed. Crews will try to empty more bins on each occasion if they can.
  • It is advisable to check the South Cambs website for the latest updates on your bin collections.

Whittlesford Community Fund

Whittlesford Community Fund

Information for villagers

In conjunction with Whittlesford Parish Council, we have set up a ‘Go fund me’ account,  to raise funds to help any villagers during this Covid emergency. This letter is to explain the purpose of the fund and how the fund will operate.

Who is the fund for?

The fund is there to help support vulnerable people in the village. By ‘vulnerable’ we mean people who are self-isolating, shielding or in the vulnerable categories set out by the Government (e.g. those over 70 years or with health conditions) and who are in financial need.   The pandemic has caused the financial circumstances of many to drastically change and the fund has also been set up to support those residents in Whittlesford for whom this is the case.

How will the fund operate?

The fund can be used to pay for shopping and other essentials.  You will need to contact your street or road link person to request any shopping through the fund.   Those who are signed up on the Village Support Group volunteer list will be able to do the shopping on your behalf and claim back from the fund.  [If you did not get a leaflet with details of the link person for your road, then please do contact us for information].  For any amounts over £50 or which are not for essential groceries or shopping, then requests will need to be made through ourselves in order to monitor appropriate use of this fund.

We would like the fund to be available to all those who may need it because they are either not able to access funds at this time (due to self-isolation or shielding) or because their financial situation has changed and need financial support at this time.The fund is being run through the Parish Council.  The details of particular claims will of course be kept strictly confidential, and only the amounts claimed will be noted in the accounts (not details of who claimed and who the recipients were).

 We understand that asking for or accepting help from anybody is difficult but are aware that in these difficult and extraordinary times of living through this Covid 19 pandemic, things have changed radically for so many people – so if you could make use of this fund to help out in the short or longer term, please do be in contact with the link person in your street/road, or contact us directly.  Don’t forget, there is also the Community Food Box outside the URC church for anyone wanting to donate spare food items or for you to make use of if needed.

 With best wishes

Richard Williams & Olivia Coles

 Councillor Richard Williams. Email:        Tel:  07584 037016

Councillor for Whittlesford, Thriplow, Heathfield and Newton,

 Revd Olivia Coles   Email:     Tel. 01223 833128

Vicar of Whittlesford Parish Church.

A letter will be distributed to every household by the street coordinators so that every resident will be aware of how to access the fund or make a donation.

Letter from Granta Processors – Working during the COVID-19 Crisis



Granta Processors Ltd – working during the COVID-19 crisis

Open letter to the Residents of Whittlesford.

Dear All

We have had some comments from residents in relation to the continued operation of our factory and the extended hours that we are doing at the moment, we would like to clarify the situation for the local people.

At present our entire production is foodstuffs for this country’s own consumption. There is an urgent need for UK based companies like ourselves to increase our output volumes to ensure a continued supply of food for the nation. We are an essential industry and a critical part of the national effort to defeat the coronavirus.

At our factory in Mill Lane we produce over 400 tonnes of differing products every week which is sufficient to feed some 32,500 people.

Many of our staff have expressed the concern that by continuing to work they are putting themselves at a higher risk than would be so if they remained at home, but they see the need for the food chain to be maintained and so continue to travel to work and keep the machinery running at, in some cases, considerably unsociable hours. Obviously machinery cannot be operated remotely, persons have to be present on site.

We appreciate that the extra hours can cause some disruption and nuisance, but we hope that residents will be sympathetic with the need to feed the nation at this critical time.

Yours Sincerely

Geoffrey Marsh


Whittlesford Parish Council Virtual Meeting






Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, all face to face public meetings have been cancelled. The Parish Council will now meet in virtual terms using Zoom.

Members of the public will be invited to join the virtual meeting which will take place on Tuesday 14th April at 7.30pm.

Information on how to join this meeting will be posted on the Parish Council Facebook page, the village website and the village notice boards.

Meeting ID: 911 906 695

Password: 324692

There are 3 ways to join  the meeting

  1. Call 0208 080 6591 and then enter the meeting ID and password. This can be done via a landline or mobile


  1. Download the app and use that on an iPad or smart phone


  1. Click on or use this link


The main intention of this meeting is to discuss the recently set up GO FUND account for the community of Whittlesford and to clarify how it will be operated. Further information on the fund will be posted here and on the Parish Council Facebook page.


We must ask you tell people to MUTE THEIR PHONES when they enter the meeting otherwise we won’t be able to hear anything

Coronavirus support from South Cambs District Council

We understand that you may have concerns about the economic impact of the Coronavirus. The Government has announced a funding package for local authorities to help the most financially vulnerable residents through this period, and we are currently waiting on further guidance.

Support for residents :

Domestic abuse, Council tax, Energy bill payments, Food and baby products, Government WhatsApp information service, Housing, Information, Scams, Free School meals voucher scheme.