Whittlesford Master Planning Exercise

Whittlesford Master Planning Exercise
The Whittlesford Master planning Exercise will produce two outputs in the form of a Stage 1 Baseline Report and a Stage 2 Options and Recommendations Report.
The Stage 1 report highlighted the current situation in the area surrounding Whittlesford Parkway Station and identified a long list of potential options. The Stage 2 report has taken the options identified in the Stage 1 report and put them in a short list of potential options to alleviate some of the issues highlighted. The options identified in the Stage 2 report’s short list have been listed in order of priority. The schemes placed in this list as high priority are those felt to be required urgently to enable the current capacity and connectivity issues at the station to be addressed and to maximise the ability of the station to facilitate local economic growth. Medium term priorities are those envisaged to improve transport choice, increase capacity and connectivity and improve the area around that station. The longer term aspirations of the short list are those that are associated with longer term development proposals and will have a more marginal impact on the way in which the interchange functions.

The high priority interventions are listed below:
• Station Road East junction signalisation and widening
• Redevelopment of the main station car park
• Bus turning circle
• Lift and new footbridge
• Cycle parking

More information can be found at : http://www.greatercambridge.org.uk

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