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Your Councillors


Chairman - Arthur Greaves - Email :

Vice Chairman - Tim Teversham - Email :
Parish Clerk - Marie Swann - Email :
Your Parish Councillor's

Arthur Greaves
Pam Freeman
Jan Holmes
Martin Livermore
Tim Teversham
Will Thomas
Peter Topping
Judith Townley
Ken Winterbottom 
Kirsty Davis
Eleanor Norman

The parish council is also made up of several sub committee's who work hard behind the scenes in between monthly meetings to keep many areas of the village in order.
Planning Committee - Ken Winterbottom, Martin Livermore, Arthur Greaves,  and Judith Townley.
Allotment Committee and Community Orchard -  Tim Teversham, Arthur Greaves, Jan Holmes and Will Thomas.
Village Website -   - Marie Swann
Lawn Trust Representatives - Jan Holmes and Will Thomas.
Neighbourhood Plan - Peter Topping, Arthur Greaves, Pam Freeman, Martin Livermore. Ken Winterbottom and our admin assistant Jo Denny.
IWM - Duxford - Tim Teversham
Police Parish Representatives  - Jan Holmes and Judith Townley.

County & Disrtict Councillor
Peter Topping

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You can email Peter at :