Parish Council

The Parish Council provide an interface with local government and influence many aspects of village life. It is the place to begin if you want to be involved in the decisions that directly affect you and your community.

Who is on the Parish Council?

With the exception of the Parish Clerk (who receives a modest salary) the residents who serve on the Parish Council are volunteers who give their time freely for the good of our community. You can find out more about your Councillors and how to contact them here.

When and where does the Parish Council meet?

The Parish Council meet at 7:30pm on every second Tuesday of the month in the Millenium Room of the Memorial Hall, the entrance to which is in Mill Lane. 

Can I come to Parish Council meetings?

Absolutely! You are welcome to attend the public monthly meetings and annual general meeting. This is a great opportunity to find out what it going on in and around your village, to have your say and even to find out how you can get involved in helping to make your village a better place for all. All members of the public are asked to sign in when then attend.

How do I present my ideas or concerns to the Parish Council?

If possible, you might consider discussing the matter first with one of your Parish Councillors. They may be able to give you valuable background and support you in putting your views to the Council. Next, put your thoughts into writing as either a letter or an email to the Parish Clerk and attend next Parish Council meeting. Correspondence from residents is read out in the meeting for discussion. When you arrive at the meeting tell the Parish Clerk that you have come along. The Chairman will then be able to invite you to have your say. You can find out more about your Parish Councillors and how to contact them here.

How is the Parish Council elected?

The next Parish Council election is presently scheduled for May 2018.
However, should you wish to join the parish council, then please do get in touch, as vacancies often become available.

How do I apply to serve on the Parish Council?

Vacancies are generally publicised in the Look magazine. If you wish to apply, write to the Parish Council telling them about yourself, why you would like to be a Councillor and what contribution you feel you would make.

What do the sub-committees do and who serves on them?

The Parish Council has a number of sub-committees dedicated to specific areas of Parish Council business, for example Planning / Highways / Road Safety / Environment / Allotments.