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Anyone remember or know the name Flora Herron ?

posted 20 Feb 2015, 08:43 by Whittlesford Web Master   [ updated 20 Feb 2015, 08:53 ]
Dear Whittle Web 

I wonder if you can help 

About 50 years ago I copied something from a national ‘rag’ (Maybe Titbits or Reveille which were around at the time) - the reason I contact you is that a grieving mother who lived in Whittlesford wrote a very moving poem about the death of her 19 year old son in an accident (I seem to think it was motor cycle accident).  I wondered if anyone knows the family and whether they were aware of this touching poem published nationally which (although I didn’t know the family still brings  a lump to my throat) - 

At the time I lived in the North of England and had never heard of Whittlesford - I now live in Cambridge near Huntingdon.

I came across the poem whilst going through some stuff today and wondered if you knew of a family called Herron - considering David would now have been about 70 years old had he lived he may have had siblings, cousins etc who have families of their own and with so many people doing Family History searches.

best wishes

Beryl Stewart