Pam Freeman

Pam joined the Parish Council in 2006, and is a member of the Road Safety & Highways Sub Committee, Pam has also been responsible for 2 successful LHI presentations for improved road safety in our village. Pam is also an active member of the neighbourhood plan steering group.

Arthur Greaves

Arthur, our Chairman works very hard to keep the village in good order, and has been an elected member since May 2012.

Jan Holmes

Jan joined the parish council in 2012, her duties include serving on the Allotment sub committee, Road Safety & Highways, together with Speed Watch.

Philip James

Philip was Co-opted in January 2021

Michael Kilpatrick

Michael was Co-opted in July 2019.

Ken Macdonald

Ken was Co-opted in February 2020.

Ken is a sub committee member of planning and a parish council representative of the Lawn Trust.

Tim Teversham

Tim is a Born & Bred Whittlesfordian and became an elected member of the parish council in 2012.

Tim is the current Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.

Will Thomas

Will was Co-opted in May 2016, Will’s interests are of Open Spaces in our community.

Will is a sub committee member of the Newton Road Open Space and Allotments & Community Orchard.

Felicity de Vries

Felicity was Co-opted in July 2019.

Richard Williams

Richard was co-opted in June 2018, he is very keen to protect our green and open spaces, other interests include transport and road safety.

Richard was elected as District Councillor in a recent by-election in February 2020.